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The Computer Cloud And What It Means

Cloud computing allows you to store and back up your data without having to own a computer. You no longer have to worry about buying software licenses, upgrading your servers, buying more machines when your storage runs out, or keeping up with evolving security threats. Instead, you simply pay a monthly fee to access the computing resources you need.

There are two basic types of cloud computing. Public clouds are shared among a group of people, whereas private clouds are owned and operated by a single company. A public cloud is accessible to anyone who is connected to the internet, whereas a private cloud supplies hosted services to a specific group of people and sets up access permissions. Both types of cloud computing use the Internet to provide users with simple and scalable access to computing resources and IT services.

Cloud computing works by storing your data and applications on a computer server that is accessed over the internet. The big companies may have data centers that consume more power in a single day than whole towns consume in a single year. However, it can be an alternative to an expensive on-site data center.

Another type of cloud computing is function-as-a-service (FaaS). Function-as-a-service allows developers to execute code in response to events or actions. Cloud service providers spin up and down resources as required by the code. This is similar to serverless computing, but the computing power and complexity are handled by a service provider.


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