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If you are a student or a skilled person, we bring you good news regarding your educational or technical needs. DIYA Scholarships 2022 gives you the opportunity to the needy and deserving person of Pakistan. DIYA is a well-known charitable organization. Diya’s motto is to reduce poverty by promoting literacy. Dia has more than 2,200 networks of schools, colleges, universities, and technical and training institutes across Pakistan. Graduate and Masters’s students can apply through the online web application system. Promising and deserving intermediate level or school level students will apply through their schools/institutes. Dia Pakistan is currently offering scholarships to the government. Institutions only. The agency will contact our office for a detailed procedure.

These scholarships are for students who are unable to continue their education due to financial crisis, says DIYA, students who want to continue their studies but cannot afford tuition fees Will provide opportunities Dia is a large organization and has given nearly 400,000 scholarships to students over the last 3 years.

Scholarship details are given:

Organization DIYA Pak

Educational level for Fsc / ICS and Bachelors

Eligibility from all over Pakistan

Gender Male / Female

The scholarship amount for post-matric is 2000 monthly, 3000 monthly for bachelors

The deadline to apply is June 30

Country: Pakistan

Organization: DIYA

Number of benefits: 55000

Gender: Male / Female

Scholarship Type: Base required.

DIYA Scholarship Categories:

A total of 55,000 scholarships are offered annually, which are divided into different categories. Check out the list below:

School students: 45,000 scholarships

Skill Development Courses: 8000 Scholarships

University students: 1500 scholarships

Qualification criteria:

Who can apply for DIYA Scholarship is mentioned below:

Only online application is acceptable.

Students from university colleges and schools are eligible to apply.

Graduate Masters’s students can apply through the online web application system.

Students who complete M.Phil after the BS program are eligible to apply.

Ph.D. and M.Phil Scholars are not eligible to apply.

Promising and deserving intermediate level or school level students will apply through their schools/institutes.

To get this scholarship, the candidate has to get 60% marks in the previous exam.

Students who receive scholarships over Rs.

Scholarship amount given

The amount of scholarship depends on various factors but it is usually 12000 to 25000 per annum.

Documents required to apply for a given scholarship

The following scanned documents are required to apply for the scholarship.

Head of Institute Verification Form (HOI) (Download it from the download page of our website)


Father CNIC

Mother’s CNIC

Guardian’s CNIC (if anyone other than the applicant’s parents)

Matriculation certificate

NADRA Family Registration Certificate Form

Intermediate Certificate

Bachelor’s degree (if the applicant is in the master level program)Hafez Certificate (5% extra marks will be given if available)

Certificate of Disability (if any)

Certificate of all semester / annual results of the university where the result is declared.

Fee receipts or bank invoices for the current year.

Salary slip (if the guardian is a salaried person)

Showing pension document, name page, and pension amount page. (If the guardian is a pensioner)

Admission Certificate for all brothers and sisters who are studying. (Only for those whose father/guardian is an unpaid person) (Download it from the download page of our website)

Electricity bill

College card if available.

Deadline to apply for a given scholarship

The deadline to apply for the Dia Scholarship is June 30.

How to Apply for a DIYA Scholarship Online:

To apply for DIYA Scholarship 2022, follow these steps:

University-level students are required to apply online.

School and college-level students need to apply manually.

School and college students can apply through their school and college.

First-time candidates will have to fill up an application form.

The Dia Scholarship is paid on a financial year basis from 1st July xx to 30th June xx.

If the course continues, students need to apply for renewal.


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